TreeNet is nowcasting

Near real-time predictions of tree growth and water deficit

TreeNet now produces daily nowcasts of tree growth and water deficit in Switzerland. This is most likely the first comprehensive publication of daily growth data of mature forest trees worldwide. The graphical representations are a combination of the latest measured data with models to calculate the current state of forest trees. The nowcasts are generated fully automatically. The results are based on algorithms of the R-packages treenetproc and treenetvis, as well as the app FORTE. Further details can be found in the recently published ‘TreeNet – The biological drought and growth indicator network’ and ‘Processing and Extraction of Seasonal Tree Physiological Parameters from Stem Radius Time Series‘.

The nowcasts are available at and in an interactive version of the Swiss National Centre for Climate Services NCCS.

TreeNet measures stem radius data on over 450 trees in Swiss forests and processes the measurement data in near-real time to provide information on current growth and drought stress of various native tree species. These nowcasts are updated daily.


The FORTE app offers the opportunity to compare TreeNet growth and tree water deficit data with other biological and climatic variables, i.e., soil drought, canopy moisture and bark beetle generations.